French clothes words

French words for clothing: lessons and exercises

Talking about clothes is something essential. In daily discussions, subjects like how we dress up, fashion, and shopping our favorite clothing pop out every time. That's why it is important to learn how to name the different clothes names in the French language.

Let's start with the everyday clothes and accessories list. Some are more suitable for men, and others for women gender.

1. Common clothes names in French

  • La chemise: shirt
  • Le chemisier: blouse
  • le pantalon: trousers
  • le short: short
  • la jupe: skirt
  • la robe: dress
  • le sous vêtement: underwear
  • le débardeur: Tank top
  • le slip: panties
  • le soutien gorge: Bra
  • un t-shirt: tee-shirt
  • une veste: jacket

2. Accessories names in French

  • le chapeau: hat
  • une écharpe: scarf
  • un sac à main : a handbag
  • des chaussettes: socks
  • une casquette: a cap
  • une montre: a watch
  • des gants: gloves
  • des bottes: boots
  • des baskets: sneakers
  • des chaussures: shoes
  • les lunettes: glasses, spectacles

3. Clothes vocabulary lessons

Here are a few YouTube lessons giving you a list of clothes items with the pronunciation.
This first video is perfect for beginners and is from Learn To French.

The following video of the Perfect French with Dylane is quite complete. It covers the clothes terms depending on the season, and by type. It's suitable to a beginner or an intermediate learner as it goes deeper in detail.

4. Practice Exercises

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5. Songs about "les vêtements"

La valise - Dorothée 
Je m'habille - Rémi Comptines 
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